Nowadays there is a numerous quantity of betting sites: bookmakers (UK) and sportbooks (US). So, when new gamblers and, sometimes, regular ones want to bet on their favorite sport or event, they do not know what betting site is the best for them and want they exactly want. In UK, bookmakers are constantly giving different offers to win any person, but that is not enough, and even could be just a trap.

UK betting companies are open to any kind of public, but are they trusted? Not all. There are some rules that UK bookies should obey in order to be legal and trusted. These rules should be known for every gambler so that way they could find the best bookmakers.

Now, what are these rules?

  • 1. Players must demonstrate they are 18 or more. Why is this the first rule? It is important that every bookie take into consideration the age of gamblers, other way, they could be in legal trouble for allowing a minor participates in these betting sites.
  • 2. Games, events and sport betting must be fair. This rule is in order to get a license that allows the bookmaker offers the best betting. If a bookmaker does not obey this rule, it is considered as a non-trusted bookmaker.
  • 3. The winnings must not be taxable. If a bookmaker takes some part of withdraw for paying taxes, gamblers should know immediately that that bookie is untrusted. Winnings are for gamblers purposes and that is all.
  • 4. Complaints must be taken into consideration. If a bookie does not pay attention to the complaints of its clients that means it really does not care about gamblers. And a great UK bookmaker will always pay attention to gamblers for their enjoyment and because gamblers are the one who benefits the site.